Léo Lérus / Compagnie Zimarèl Gounouj

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« Gounouj » means « frog » in the Creole language of some regions of Guadeloupe, Léo Lérus’s native island. In this lush land, particularly hit by the harmful effects of human activity, Léo Lérus and his dancers have watched and translated in their bodies the phenomenon of homeostasis, which is the adaptation of a system to external contingencies in order to maintain its equilibrium. See program



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Trained by Léna Blou, Léo Lérus polished his dance style with high-profile international choreographers such as Wayne McGregor, Ohad Naharin and Sharon Eyal. His fluid and rhythmic movements are evidence of a slick mixture of Guadeloupean dance and contemporary technique. With Entropie (2019), he drew from the traditions of his native land, including Léwoz – a cultural event featuring gwoka, a music and dance art form – and connected it with technological resources to create a mode of choreographic composition. His new piece Gounouj is a work for four performers which originated out in the country on the conservation area of Gros Morne/Grande Anse, in Deshaies, Guadeloupe. The show is underpinned by the question of balance and imbalance that this ecosystem raises. In this version for the stage, Lérus translates on an emotional and physical level the difficulty of trying to answer that question and examines the concept of bousyè, a Creole word that literally describes the state of a crustacean during molting. In a metaphorical sense, it is the acceptance of a person of their own vulnerability in the face of change.