The Fabrique Chaillot

Portrait de Vânia Doutel Vaz

Dedicated to welcoming artists since 2017, Maurice Béjart studio finds its primary function again : a rehearsal room for experiment, research and reflection. It takes in a new projet, the "Fabrique Chaillot", that offers artists the time to reflect on their artistic approach without it leading necessarily to the production of a show. 

We support the companies part of the "Fabrique Chaillot" with financial and administrative help depending on their project, by providing a workspace and technical staff.

  • « Chamanik » by Lasseindra Ninja: residence from 21/09/23 to 13/10/23.


  •  « Jogos de Encruzilhadas / Jeux Croisés - Temps, déplacement et expansion » par Manu Figueiredo, Mariame Damba et Nila Clara: residence from 18/10/2023 to 9/11/2023 as part of the Franco-Brazilian program Cruzamento / Croisements.


  • « Potencialidade digitais » by the Company La Truc: residence from 15/02/2024 to 8/03/2024 as part of the Franco-Brazilian Cruzamento / Croisements. 


  • Residence from 4/04 to 26/04/2024 to be confirmed.
Corps Sonores de Massimo Fusco