Christophe Haleb Entropic Now

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Entropic Now de Christophe Haleb
Entropic Now is the result of a long-running project between LA ZOUZE – compagnie Christophe Haleb, Chaillot, théâtre national de la Danse and young nonprofessionals between 17 and 23 years old for over a year. Enjoy Entropic Now by attending to the live “activation” of the installation with the young performers who were involved in building it.




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What do young people aspire to these days? Choreographer and filmmaker Christophe Haleb has gone to several cities to meet many adolescents and young adults – students, apprentices, dancers, circus performers, athletes and so on – and, in an effort to change perceptions, film how they question the world, informed by their practices and relationships to the environment.  This on-site, traveling film/dance project called Entropic Now has unfolded in various places since 2017 and included stops in Marseille, Amiens, Lyon, Fort-de-France, Valence, Uzès and more, always in collaboration with a regional art organization. Now it is Chaillot’s turn to become the echo chamber of these diverse and complex youths through an immersive film installation, a choreographic and visual narrative playing continuously and interspersed with performances from several protagonists of the film and other participants. This iteration, which brings together students from the hotel school in Etiolles and the National School of Circus Arts in Rosny-sous-bois, highlights the ambitions, uncertainties and hopes of youths that are growing into themselves with the anxiety of the world and awakening to their true selves despite the cynicism of adults.