Johanna Faye & Saïdo Lehlouh Earthbound

Season 23 24
Earthbound de Johanna Faye & Saïdo Lehlouh
We are not sitting and watching a show in a theater but immersed with seven women and men dancers and three musicians in a hip-hop maelstrom. The artists have us engage with our and their bodily practices, in an unabashedly open and nonjudgmental spirit. See program




  • 19h30
  • 19h30
  • 19h30
  • 17h00
  • Full price
  • Under 30
  • Job seeker
  • Social minima
Session translated into French sign language
Screening with audio description
Meet the artists after the show.
School session
Session with adapted subtitle

The ten performers of Earthbound come from myriad places in the very free and bustling land of underground and club dance. These hip-hop, house and waacking dancers, along with electro and free jazz musicians, are all partial to and well-versed in improvisation. Brought together on stage by Johanna Faye and Saïdo Lehlouh, they display constant creativity, engaging in a wordless and above all freewheeling dialogue. With this piece, the duo pursues a common language, driven by a spirit of freedom and revolt. Here they nurture their vocabulary with that of the performers, bringing out their distinctive features while building momentum within the ensemble. At each performance the actors are tasked with an off the cuff composition in relation to the venue and anyone there. As members of the audience, we have a role to play in this collective jam. Dance serves as a vehicle to investigate our togetherness and social fabric.  

Anaïs Heluin