Daniel Linehan Kiss The One We Are

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Kiss The One We Are de Daniel Linehan
Daniel Linehan asked the dancers: “what moves you?” On the basis of that question, the audience witnesses the emergence of intimacy in the nine dancers. Through the physical instructions received, the reactions, and the body’s memory, a multilayered conversation about the universal joy to dance seems to come together between the performers and the audience.




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Since his singular breakout solo piece Not About Everything (2007), Daniel Linehan has established himself as one of the most groundbreaking and exciting choreographers of his generation. Kiss The One We Are, his newest piece, is part of a wide-ranging cooperative European project – “DANCE ON, PASS ON, DREAM ON” – built around the issue of agism in the world of dance and beyond, in society. Continuing to explore his relationship to dance, which he initiated in his solo piece Body of Work (2019), Linehan now has 9 dancers thinking about what role dance plays in their lives and the reasons why they engage in this art form. Of various ages, backgrounds and pursued interests, the performers trace in words and movements their personal journeys and common stories. Straddling past, present and future and closely connecting with the audience, this collective experience brings forth a thrilling and multilayered choreographic composition that celebrates the universal joy to dance with subtle agility.  


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