Bertrand Belin / Jean-Baptiste Julien Concert piano-voix

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Author, composer, singer, musician and a high-profile artist of the French music scene over the last ten years, Bertrand Belin can do almost anything, and his voice is exceptional. This time, he performs with Jean-Baptiste Julien (who has worked as a composer for Rachid Ouramdane and others) in a piano-voice duet setting.




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Over the years, the songs of Bertrand Belin have carved a meandering path between rugged folk and fluid electronic orchestrations complete with undulating keyboards, reflecting his very singular songwriting. Since his 2005 debut album, the songwriter has worked on words with compelling precision and a wordsmith’s sense of phrasing and arranging quite unparalleled in the landscape of French chanson. Moreover, Belin has brilliantly ventured into writing with nothing but the music of words, publishing four remarkable books at P.O.L. He has also done some acting for film and theater, particularly for Marc Lainé. This time, however, Belin comes to Chaillot in a largely new configuration, a piano-voice duet with his longtime associate Jean-Baptiste Julien. Whoever has seen the man in consistently magnetic concerts knows he likes to accommodate a duo track with his keyboard player. Tonight, the exceptional is the norm.  


Vincent Théval