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g Salle Firmin Gémier

22 Sep - 1 Oct 2022

Oona Doherty

Navy Blue

© Ghislain Mirat
© Ghislain Mirat
© Ghislain Mirat
© Ghislain Mirat
© Ghislain Mirat

Is this a reboot? Is it the future? After their disappearance, form and order are resurrected on stage. Oona Doherty’s most ambitious work to date..

Oona Doherty’s last work is a brooding full-scale piece convening twelve dancers on stage. What initially starts out like a neoclassical ballet devolves into a kind of farce. The piano concerto is pierced with gunshots, dancers fall over one by one, blue blood drips splatter the stage. This blue that the choreographer describes as the “color of loneliness veins”. Bodies get lost, cascading through space. Through dance the young choreographer interrogates unison, individualism, empathy and freedom. Marked by the civil war in Northern Ireland where she spent her childhood, Oona Doherty delivers a dance fraught with pain and rebellion, and hope.

Maïa Bouteillet



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full price 39 €

Over 65-year-olds 34 €

18 to 27-year-olds 14 €

Under 18-year-olds 12 €

Jobseekers 17 €

Welfare recipients 8 €

People with sensory disabilities (on accommodated performances) 23 €

Groups starting from 10 people 25 €



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+1 person under 28 YO 12 €
If i suscribed to a Pass liberté jeune and the person with me is also under 28, her-his seat is free thanks to the patronage of Caisse d’Épargne Île-de-France​.

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