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23 Sep 2022

Ori Lichtik

© Ron Kedmi

Sharon Eyal’s music composer and a fixture on the techno/electronic scene in Israel, Ori Lichtik makes you dance in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Starting out in the 1990s, Ori Lichtik is one of the major pioneers of the electronic music scene in Israel. As a percussionist, producer and DJ, he has put his rhythmic mark on a wide variety of settings. Since 2005, he has developed a fruitful artistic collaboration with the choreographic duo of Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar. Fully involved in the creative process of their shows, he creates music in perfect synch with the dance. His utterly organic compositions are performed and reinterpreted live, lending each performance a unique sonic quality. His EP Joy Stock, which was released on the brand new and promisingly titled label Prince Madonna, contains four tracks crafted from the rich sound archive he has been producing on stage. Soul Chain and Chapter 2 turn out to be particularly captivating.

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