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g Salle Firmin Gémier

29 Nov - 3 Dec 2022

Fanny de Chaillé

Une autre histoire du théâtre

© Marc Domage
© Marc Domage
© Marc Domage
© Marc Domage
© Marc Domage

Associate Artist

A show conceived for everyone from age 10 telling the youth about the history of dramatic art as well as the history of stage actors and actresses.

Fanny de Chaillé is undoubtedly a multifaceted choreographer. With her Autre histoire du théâtre (other history of the theater), she actually focuses on the multidisciplinary approach. This piece for all audiences from age 10 is not a dance work. And yet bodies and movement are always at the center of the stage. The show is constructed from the stories of actors and actresses who are not giving a history class but rather sharing images. Thus, Malo Martin, Tom Verschueren, Margot Viala and Valentine Vittoz share their personal stories on stage. All four of them met during Fanny de Chaillé’s previous work as part of the program Talents Adami Théâtre, which gives young artists an opportunity to work under the direction of a stage director. In 2020, Fanny de Chaillé brought them together in a “chorus”. Today they are between 25 and 28 and once again this “other history of the theater” originated from their chorus, or at least their collective of actors and actresses. Together they draw on their iconic references to create a singular theatrical experience, attuned to our times and the active eye of the audience member. A reference-free, hybrid and constantly evolving theater. 

Amélie Blaustein Niddam


full price 22€

Over 65-year-olds 19€

18 to 27-year-olds 11€

Under 18-year-olds 8€

Jobseekers 12€

Welfare recipients 8€

People with sensory disabilities (on accommodated performances) 16€

Groups starting from 10 people 16€


Pass liberté 19€

Pass liberté jeune 8€

Je suis détenteur du Pass liberté jeune : si mon accompagnateur​ a lui aussi moins de 28 ans, sa place est offerte grâce au mécénat​ de la Caisse d’Épargne Île-de-France, dans la limite des places disponibles​.

+1 person under 28 YO 12 €
If i suscribed to a Pass liberté jeune and the person with me is also under 28, her-his seat is free thanks to the patronage of Caisse d’Épargne Île-de-France​.


+ 1 person over 28 YO 27 €