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v Salle Jean Vilar

12-27 May 2022

Batsheva Dance Company / Ohad Naharin


© Ascaf
© Ascaf
© Ascaf


With Venezuela, the Batsheva Dance Company and Ohad Naharin return to Chaillot’s stage for a genuine dance-fest. A company at the apex of their powers.

Few choreographers have left as deep a mark in the dance world as Ohad Naharin. Each appearance of the company has left audience members reeling. For Venezuela a unique chemistry once again binds the dancers and their creator. The show is about a constant and sometimes challenging dialogue between movement and its representation. Ohad Naharin asks the questions in his own virtuosic way, exploring multiple leads, stirring our senses and undermining our assumptions. Falling bodies become a last-ditch movement, the steps are locked into a trance-like unison, the waving flags turn into a moving set. The performers of Batsheva pour their energy into a collective effort, striking a chord with the audience when a dancer reaches his hand out. Finally, the musical selection emphasizes the spiritual dimension of the piece, daringly juxtaposing Gregorian chant and rock. Ohad Naharin makes this dance voyage a shared odyssey, and that is his genius.  

Philippe Noisette / translation : jean-charles ladurelle

With the support of the Manège de Chaillot

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