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v Salle Jean Vilar

7-16 Oct 2021

Blanca Li

Le Bal de Paris

Le Bal de Paris La danse © Blanca Li - Backlight
Le Bal de Paris Les costumes © Blanca Li - Backlight
Le Bal de Paris La salle de bal © Blanca Li - Backlight
Le Bal de Paris Chez Mimi © Blanca Li - Backlight

Premiere in france

You are invited by Blanca Li to the biggest ball in Paris! Music and dance merge with virtual reality to offer you a festive, artistic and spectacular experience.

No need to be familiar with dance or virtual reality to throw yourself into this ball that will enable you to travel through different worlds. With Blanca Li’s Le Bal de Paris, virtual reality revolutionises the world of immersive performances and erases the borders between the spectators and the dancers: everything is possible. A special moment set in 3 acts that you will share with 9 other spectators. Two dancers play the main roles of the intrigue and will allow you to discover in turn a waltz or a cancan. You are free to do as you feel, to observe, dance, interact with the dancers and the other guests, to enter into the dance of this party that promises to be unforgettable.

Translation : Alice Cavender

With the support of the Manège de Chaillot

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Détenteur du Pass liberté (coût du Pass : 30€)
35 €
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20 €
Accompagnateur de 28 ans et +
35 €
Accompagnateur - de 28 ans
20 €

* Je suis détenteur du Pass liberté jeune : si mon accompagnateur
a lui aussi moins de 28 ans, sa place est offerte grâce au mécénat
de la Caisse d’Épargne Île-de-France, dans la limite des places disponibles.

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*Sur les représentations en collaboration avec Accès Culture et les représentations des jours d’ateliers adaptés