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v Salle Jean Vilar

3-6 Feb 2022

Rafaela Carrasco

Ariadna [al hilo del mito]

Ariadna © Ana Palma
Ariadna © Ana Palma
Ariadna © Ana Palma
Ariadna © Ana Palma


Rafaela Carrasco brings together eight dancers, singers and guitarists to take us on a Greek tragedy-like flamenco journey. An introspective look into the labyrinth of our deepest fears.

Shaped by flamenco at its most authentic, Rafaela Carrasco is yet open to modern-day adventures. In this bold piece which premiered at the 2020 Jerez Festival, the dancer and choreographer revisits the Greek myth of Ariadne. The daughter of the King of Crete, abandoned in Naxos by her lover Theseus whom she helped out of the labyrinth with a thread, embodies here a complex and tormented femininity. Surrounded with four dancers who sometimes form an ancient chorus, Carrasco traces the tragedy of Ariadne in seven scenes. She turns the betrayed heroine into a free woman whose aspiration to independence results in her final solitude, but who finds the way to herself.

Isabelle Calabre / translation : jean-charles ladurelle

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