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g Salle Firmin Gémier

4-6 Feb 2022

Paula Comitre


Alegoría © Ivan Alcazar
Alegoría © Ivan Alcazar



At only 27, the sparkling and incandescent Paula Comitre is the new rising star of flamenco. She presents Alegoría, her second work.

She was named “breakout artist of 2020” by the Jerez and Seville Festivals with her solo Cámara abierta. Acclaimed at Chaillot over previous seasons as a performer with David Coria in ¡Fandango! and Rafaela Carrasco in Nacida Sombra, Paula Comitre returns with her new work, a duo that embraces allegory. “Is everything we see real?”, she asks. Or is our world only filled with appearances? She brings along contemporary dancer Lorena Nogal, who danced for the company IT Dansa and is a member of the collective La Veronal. The power of their personalities and the variety of their movement styles make up a two-body dialectic at the intersection of the heart and the mind.

Isabelle Calabre / translation : jean-charles ladurelle

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