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v Salle Jean Vilar

4-12 Feb 2021

  • Dance

José Montalvo / Cancelled

Gloria, la vie est une fête

© Patrick Berger
© Patrick Berger
© Patrick Berger
© Patrick Berger
© Patrick Berger
© Patrick Berger

A recognised accomplice of Chaillot, José Montalvo likes to give us news of his world and invites us once again to dream big.

Some titles are genius as they transport you into a marvellous world: this is the case of Gloria, the next opus by José Montalvo. “Today, Gloria is being created in a sort of dialectics of the planned and the unforeseen. It is constantly changing. I would like it to be baroque, bizarre, luxuriant, bulimic, inventive, passionate, but everything remains to be done.” whispers the choreographer. José Montalvo sees Gloria as the passionate manageress of a dreamlike cabaret that is called L’auberge espagnole for the moment, but could also be called Le cabaret Voltaire.” A cosmopolitan space, it will celebrate life as well as its impetus, born from the hybridisation, the mix and the transformation stemming from new and unexpected combinations between human beings, cultures, ideas, dances, songs and music. This space would bear a song of love, “rejoiced by the joyful bastardisation that is within us” and would be frequented by extravagant characters like “as many spots around which I would like to build my work and make the ballet of the world dance,” indicates José Montalvo. Vivaldi will be the musical companion of this piece. “As a challenge, as I believe that it is absurd to oppose the knowledgeable and the popular, depth and superficiality, genius and lightness.” Montalvo concludes: “Faced with the predicted ecological chaos, faced with violence, terror, blind cupidity, exclusion and extreme globalisation, Gloria carries a utopia within it, a naivety, an antidote that remains fertile to me.” Glory be upon it.Philippe Noisette

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