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Chaillot at any moment

Prolong your expérience

Chaillot is also the possibility of experiencing much more than performances. All throughout the season, discover the many proposals of workshops, encounters with artists and events that will allow you to delve into the heart of the “Chaillot experience”.


Rushing out of work, metro late, bag checking in front of the theatre, walking down the vertiginous grand staircase, queues at the control office to get the ticket, phew you arrive in the room… out of breath and stressed and two minutes before the curtain goes up. What if, this season, you took the time for “the moment before”? These special moments, animated by chosen personalities and suitable for all audiences, will put you in the best conditions to make the most of your show.

Parades by Brigitte Seth and Roser Montlló Guberna
Conference-workshops Accords d’avant scènes by Cécile Becker, specialist of Asian cultures
Workshops Éveil des sens [Awakening of the senses] by Delphine Caron, choreographer and dancer
Gyrokinesis workshops with Sébastien Thill, former dancer of the Opéra de Paris
Performances with this season’s artists and the students of the National Higher Conservatoires of dance and of theatre of Paris
Film screenings in connexion with the performances on the screens of the Grand Foyer


The artists go backstage, the applause stops, the lights in the room turn back on. “The moment after” promises a gentle return to reality. At the end of some performances, do not hesitate to stay in the room!

Encounters with the artistic team
Practical workshops in connexion with the show


Dance workshops: Gaga class, Indian dance party, Guadalupian pulse
“The artist and her world” days with Tatiana Julien and Dominique Brun
Film screenings in connexion with the performances at the mk2 Odéon cinema and the Musée de l’Homme
Off site performances
Proposals directed at the sensorially impaired public in collaboration with the non-profit organisation Accès Culture
Guided tours of the theatre
Encounters and book signings at the bookstore
Tastings facing the Eiffel tower