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v Salle Jean Vilar

21 Nov 2020

Dance : the gathering / CANCELLED


© RJ Muna

Chaillot is changing century. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the National popular Theatre founded by Firmin Gémier, the National Theatre of Dance is looking to the future. At the heart of artistic mutations, questioned by the intellectuals of each era, dance embodies thought in movement. As a major artistic expression, it nevertheless remains rare in public speech and in the preoccupations of cultural policies.

Over the course of one day, dance professionals will come together in Chaillot to talk and consider together their vision of the sector. How can one determine the conditions of choreographic creation today and tomorrow, in France and worldwide? What place does dance have in public policies? How does it inscribe itself in teaching, from National education to specialised higher education? What network of teams and facilities are needed so that dance may fully develop in France? How can it win over new publics?

At the initiative of Chaillot – National Theatre of Dance, this day is organised with News Tank Culture, an independent online media devoted to the economy and politics of culture.

Tomorrow is today: let us get the measure of our future!

Didier Deschamps