Tickets withdrawal

The method of withdrawal of your tickets is indicated in the summary table of your order which was sent to you by mail.

Sending by post

You will receive your tickets at home.

Withdrawal at the theater box office

Votre/vos billet(s) sont à retirer au contrôle 20-30 minutes avant le début du spectacle.

Your tickets have to be collected at the theater box office 20-30 minutes before the show begins.
If you benefit from a reduced rate you can:
- present your proofs* at the box office 20-30 minutes before the start of the show
- or send us your proofs** by mail to specifying your order number until the eve of your show to receive your tickets in printable version at home or to present on your smartphone.



* For tickets - 18 years, 18-27 years or + 65 years, all administrative documents mentioning the date of birth. For jobseekers, a certificate of less than 3 months.
** Except for tickets at the jobseeker's rate

Download Tickets

If you chose for home downloading, you will find them as an attachment of the purchase confirmation email.
This is a PDF document that you can present on your smartphone or printed on paper.




We remind you that the tickets are not taken back or exchanged and that latecomers are not accepted on certain shows.