Season 2016 / 2017
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Système Castafiore
Théorie des prodiges

Théorie des prodiges
Théorie des prodiges
Karl Biscuit


The marvels of yesteryear are almost extinct. No more five-legged sheep and other bizarre phenomena, lament Marcia Marcellos and Karl Biscuit, the two crazy directors of this independent company based in the Côte d’Azur. In this inventive show, the imagination wizards of Système Castafiore demonstrate that “the real is what does not exist”.

Venue details

FROM MARCH 29 TO 31, 2017

19h30 THU 30
20h30 WED 29, FRI 31


Salle Jean Vilar

Running time 1 hour 10


English subtitles


Direction, music, video conception Karl Biscuit
Choreography Marcia Barcellos

With Caroline Chaumont, Daphné Mauger, Mayra Morelli, Sara Pasquier, Agalie Vandamme (dance), Camille Joutard (lyrics), Florence Ricaud (actor)...



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** 3 to 6 for spectators residing outside Ile de France