Season 2016 / 2017

Malandain Ballet Biarritz

Olivier Houeix


What if the deluge and Noah’s Arch inspired dance? Thierry Malandain takes his 23 dancers on a singular odyssey. This new opus is an invitation to follow Noah, who embodies a kind of departure in the history of humanity. He and his relatives will repeople the world. Or maybe Noah is a “collective human being climbing his own arch to do away with a past existence.” Many possibilities to be explored to the music of Rossini’s Messa di Gloria. 




Venue details

FROM MAY 10 TO 24, 2017


15h30 SUN 14
19h30 THU 11, THU 18
20h30 WED 10, FRI 12, SAT 13,
TUE 16, WED 17, FRI 19, SAT 20, TUE 23, WED 24


Salle Jean Vilar

Running time 1 hour






Music Messa di Gloria from Gioacchino Rossini
Choreography Thierry Malandain

With Ione Miren Aguirre, Raphaël Canet, Mickaël Conte, Ellyce Daniele, Frederik Deberdt, Romain Di Fazio, Baptiste Fisson, Clara Forgues, Michaël Garcia, Jacob Hernandez Martin, Irma Hoffren, Miyuki Kanei, Mathilde Labé, Hugo Layer, Guillaume Lillo, Claire Lonchampt, Nuria López Cortés, Arnaud Mahouy, Ismaël Turel Yagüe, Patricia Velazquez, Laurine Viel, Daniel Vizcayo, Lucia You González



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** 3 to 6 for spectators residing outside Ile de France