Season 2017 / 2018

École supérieure du CNDC d'Angers
Nikolais / Boivin / Decouflé

Nikolais / Boivin / Decouflé - École supérieure du CNDC d'Angers
Nikolais / Boivin / Decouflé - École supérieure du CNDC d'Angers
Photo © Jean-Pierre Mériel - club photo d'Angers

To celebrate duly the 40th anniversary of Angers’ CNDC, Chaillot also wished to invite the students of its internationally renowned school. The 2016-2018 class performs Alwin Nikolais, Dominique Boivin and Philippe Decouflé.


Choreographers Dominique Boivin and Philippe Decouflé – each in their own way craftsmen, creative jacks of all trades and entertainers - wore out their shoes in the  studios of the Angers-based CNDC school in the early 80s, then headed ( from 1978 to 1981) by American choreographer Alwin Nikolais, who trained many young French artists. Invited by Robert Swinston, now heading the school, they hook up for a work of transmission tailored for these lucky students. Dominique Boivin chose to revisit partly a duet- Broutilles - he composed and performed at CNDC in 1981. It is a new composition entitled Traffffic and developed for 20 young dancers. Philippe Decouflé builds on his piece Panorama, which was part of his company’s repertoire in 2012, and composes a medley featuring excerpts from major shows here rejiggered and performed by five or ten students when they were originally created for two, four or six.

Venue details

From May 31 to June 1, 2018


20h30 THU 31
19h45 FRI 1er


Salle Firmin Gémier   

Running time 1h

CHORÉGRAPHIES Alwin Nikolais, Dominique Boivin, Philippe Decouflé

AVEC 20 étudiants danseurs du CNDC d’Angers



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** 3 to 6 for spectators residing outside Ile de France