Season 2016 / 2017
Dance | Theatre | Music

Club Guy & Roni / Slagwerk Den Haag
Mechanical Ecstasy

Mechanical Ecstasy
Mechanical Ecstasy


After jolting Chaillot in 2016 with Naked Lunch, based on William Burroughs’ novel, Club Guy & Roni returns with their latest psychedelic show. The Dutch horde turns the Grand Foyer into an electro night club for an enrapturing and offbeat ceremony where acrobatic dance veers into collective trance.



Venue details

FROM MARCH 22 TO 24, 2017

22h WED 22, THU 23,

FRI 24


Grand Foyer

Running time 1 hour


In English

Conception and choreography Guy Weizman, Roni Haver
Music Jan-Bas Bollen, Thijs de Vlieger (Noisia)

With 12 dancers, 1 actor et 3 musicians



See more on the website  Club Guy & Roni (in English) and on Facebook (in Dutch)


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** 3 to 6 for spectators residing outside Ile de France