Season 2012 / 2013

Batsheva Dance Company

Gadi Dagon


In 2001, A Space Odyssey, filmmaker Stanley Kubrick imagined a space odyssey transforming into time travel. In Sadeh21, Ohad Naharin takes spectators on a genuine body odyssey at the edges of all emotions. Created in 2011 in collaboration with the dancers of her company, the piece presents a string of solos, duets and ensembles in turn delicate, athletic, slow-going and jerky, all of which are different ways to live in the world. The qualities of a dance both instinctive and designed, abstract and yet meaningful are all present and easily dispense with a narrative script. Pared-down and limited to their basic function, scenery, sounds and lights are here to bring out a choreographic language that is deeply sensual, where any movement springs from an aesthetic decision. Naharin doesn’t give any more answers than Kubrick’s film did but it does encourage everyone to live out a “radiating and radioactive experience, dangerous and exciting.”


Choreography Ohad Naharin with the collaboration of the dancers of Batsheva Dance Company (season 2010-2011)

With dancers of Batsheva Dance Company

Venue details

April 2013

wed 24   8:30 pm
thu 25   8:30 pm
fri 26   8:30 pm


Venue : Salle Jean Vilar


Running time : 1h15


Not available on subscription.



Full price    37 €
Reduced rate    31 €
Under 18s    15 €
18 to 25    18 €



> Seats with limited visibility : 10 € (when shows are fully booked, and according to set design). 

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