Chaillot geared up for action

After 4 years of renovation, Chaillot – Théâtre National de la Danse – has an entirely remodeled Firmin Gémier auditorium, and is finally equipped for disabled persons and wheelchair users. This adaptable auditorium can accommodate artistic projects requiring various space configurations: non-proscenium, alternative stage setups, or requiring more  stage-house proximity. The Maurice Béjart auditorium is now the Fabrique Chaillot, a residence venue specifically geared to young artists and providing them with financial, technical and administrative support. This new entity complements that of Artistes Associés, which gained new members including Philippe Decouflé, Lia Rodrigues, Jann Gallois and Emmanuel Gat alongside Rocio Molina and Anne Nguyen. The presence of these artists reflects Chaillot’s dedication to creation and repertoire.


The 2017-2018 season has 41 dance or theater shows, 4 of which cater to young audiences. Six shows will be created on our stages and 12 more will premiere in France. The Flamenco Biennale will take place in autumn and the Festival nordique will spotlight the current Scandinavian scene. In Spring, we will switch to Pacific time, with New Zealand, Australia and California. Then we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Angers’ Centre national de la danse contemporaine , one of the breeding grounds of new dance, a place of training and creation, and an international sharing hub since it was established in 1978!

Our commitment is to share, welcome, respect, keep an open mind, and take artistic risks. Our mission is geared toward excellence and reaches out to as many spectators as possible, in Chaillot or in diverse locations, including the Goutte-d’Or neighborhood in Paris in the coming years. At a social level, finally, Chaillot reaffirms its commitment to sustainable development, equality and diversity.


To integrate those initiatives into our primary focus on creation is, in our own way, to challenge and combat the dire waves of obscurantism and exclusion ridden by the far right and the religious fanatics of all stripes. On the cover or our brochure, Andrès Marin - who seems fearless here - illustrates this intention with the power of imagination and poetry.


Chaillot is very pleased to invite you to all the rich, intense and joyful moments of the season.


Didier Deschamps, general director